Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Revamped Website!

Well I finally revamped my personal website! The PDC Definately had a positive experience on me, it has me BLOGGING all the interesting things I have been up to! The two things of interest today is my custom building of a linux distribution and my movie review of the "Matrix Revolutions."

Custom Linux Distribution
I know what you are thinking: "Doesn't Harry have more important things to do??". Yes and no. Yes I do have more important things to do but no because I want to install Linux on a compact flash card! Why on earth would I want to do that?? Well for one thing, compact flash cards don't have any moving parts. The number one failing part on a computer is what you say? It is the hard drive!!! By using compact flash, we are essentially eliminating the element of failure quite substantially in my opinion. Of course, the cost of 1 GIG of compact flash is more than 2 40 gig drives. Currently I am doing this for research of building a Linux based firewall solution. Redhat by default installs lots of bloated software, so by building my own distribution, I will be able to strip off lots of unnecessary bloat ware. For more information, check out this resource: They show you how to build Linux from scratch. Some honorable mentions of Linux distributions I also checked out were Redhat 9.0, Damn Small Linux and cd based Linux I will report my progress on this bad boy later.

The Matrix Revolutions: Rating C-
No doubt I am a Matrix fan, I loved the first movie, kind of liked the second one, and barely liked the third one. For one thing, the part where NEO sticks out his hand and kills a whole bunch of sentinels is complete BS***. Give me a break, one or not, that was major cheese. The movie started off OK, I like the French dude Merovingian, that guy is a PIMP! The special FX in this one were not that great, no BULLET TIME, this movie really was just there to tie it all together. This movie proves again that sequels are really difficult to make especially if the first one was so good. The ending was interesting though, I will only say that there could potentially be a fourth one in which case I will most likely be suckered into going at lunch time on a Wednesday with my development team and watching it. I will also probably buy the DVD (Sucker) since I already have the first two so whether or not REVOLUTIONS sucked is irrelevant at this point.

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