Monday, December 05, 2005

Microsoft Speech tools

Grab that microphone! the Microsoft speech tools that are built into the windows operating system are quite phenomenal. As a matter of fact, all the logs that I have posted and will continue to post will use Microsoft's speech tools. the recommendation however is that do not completely rely only on the microphone, but that you use a combination of both keyboard and microphone.

If you are setting up Microsoft's speech tools for the first time there will be some training involved. you essentially trained the computer to recognize certain patterns and the more you speak to your computer's the better it gets an understanding what you're saying.

To try this out in Microsoft word assuming you're using office 2003 click on the tools menu and click speech. I also recommend setting up the shortcut key. You can go into the properties of the speech tools and set the F11 and toggle between the dictation feature.

Once you start using this feature you will continue to use it quite frequently as I have found Enjoy! (Makes creating Blogging posts more fun as well but you definitely have to proofread your work !)

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