Friday, January 25, 2008

Sites that I use regularly

My company web portal. I like if of course because it is mine :p

Where remarkable people come together to expand their spheres of influence in elite social environments. I am the CTO for Karma, and bring together great people from all walks of the globe to celebrate in revelry, at events such as Kandyland at the Playboy Mansion just to name one!

The best meta-search engine for travel, crawls all the major travel sites. Excellent use of AJAX.

The best meta-search engine (the first and only get it before it's gone) for all things torrent!

One of my personal favorite sites, the online encyclopedia!

My favorite search engine of course :p

The blogger's site!

The best social networking site and amazing technology on the back end. I especially like the developer API piece F8 and also the photo sharing gallery. Very popular in Canada.

A great social networking site to keep in contact with all my friends in the US and A.

Another great site that allows you to see who's who on the internet and who has the most internet traffic.

Open source Portal on the ASP.NET 2.0 Platform.

Open source Portal on the LAMP platform. Great CMS.

Open source Portal on the LAMP Plaform. Great for building community websites.

Web 2.0 Video Sharing site.

Professional Social Networking site for professionals. I frequently get many professional connections through this site, great for meeting other working professionals.


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Harry Yeh said...

Here's a couple of new ones: (Because I am an Apple and Mac Lover now) - Great Price Search Engine.