Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tribute to Heath Ledger

After watching the news on CTV and CNN, I couldn't help but feel compelled to write a tribute to Heath Ledger. It is truly sad that someone who was 28 years old with the career that he had and the unfortunate death on January 22, 2008. One can't help but think about the fragility of life, someone so young, gone forever. As one of the new anchors on CNN mentioned last night, we all feel that he was "robbed of life" which is why this incident hit so close to home. President Bush even postponed his speech on the issue of the abuse with prescription drugs which was believed to be the cause of dath on the preliminary autopsy report.

The death of Heath Ledger brings a strong contrast to that of James Dean, who also died very young. I enjoyed Heath's movie roles, particularly in the Patriot and Lords of Dog Town. It will definitely be amazing to see him as the Joker in the upcoming Batman Begins.

One can't help but thing that this tragedy will draw more attention to the movie when it is released and draw parallels to his life and his on screen character The Joker.

My condolences to all the Heath Ledger fans and to his family.

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