Friday, February 01, 2008

Advertising on Social Networks

Advertising on Social Networks is the next big form of Online Advertising. I was a skeptic at first but after running ads through a different variety of mediums, I turned to social networks such as Facebook for advertising. Google believe it or not, has MySpace as one of their biggest partner advertisers so when you choose to advertise in Google's Partner network, your ads will also show up in MySpace.
There's a reason Microsoft paid $240 million & bought Aquantative last year. Online Advertising and online advertising through Social Networks is the future. I did a simple test of putting up my 1995 White Toyot Supra Turbo for sale in the classifieds sections of Facebook and had more friends asking me why I wanted to sell it vs actually buying it. But that's ok, because I still got their attention!

There are different types of advertising on the Social Networking Platform ranging from Blogging, new feeds and classifieds. This is specific to Facebook and to MySpace. (Friendster is kind of dead now or dying). I recommend advertising on Google, Facebook and MySpace but your campaigns need to be targeted very specifically otherwise you will go broke.

As a note, I also have friends and colleagues that work at Facebook and MySpace. I have even spoken and interviewed with Facebook at one point to work with their technology back office but unfortunately the timing wasn't correct for both sides but it was a great experience meeting the team. I would have to say the technology and direction Facebook has will make it the "Social" Operating System of the web and you have to love F8 (the SDK interface).

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