Monday, February 04, 2008

The New Rich Media Web - Silverlight, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex

By now you have probably seen some links on Microsoft's new rich media platform Silver light. Microsoft is planning on have the entire Beijing Olympics 2008 on Silver light. The Great thing about Silver light is you will get the rich media platform and ability to use all the existing .NET tools to do it.

Adobe AIR is another product, I downloaded it and tried the EBay Desktop application which is amazing. It is truly exciting to see the direction of the rich media and the direction the web is going towards. This is nice because this means that the "Software as a Service" may soon become a bigger reality with these platforms and run times since the browser will be your gateway to get these rich applications you can run on your desktop, but still use open web protocols to transfer data. This technology can definately be labelled as Web 2.0 since it is very different than the web applications from 10 years ago.

A good blog discussing the different platforms.

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