Friday, February 01, 2008

On Barracuda Networks

If you have ever been to an airport in the US, you will most likely see these big blue ads from Barracuda networks. After their extremely effective ad campagin (I heard they spent $20 million) I decided to look at the company. I WAS VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED and I am still to this day. After evaluating their SPAM filter product, I ended buying 2 more of their other products and since then Comet Computing has become a Barracuda Networks Partner.

We have deployed numerous barracuda network products and highly recommend them to all of our clients. The 3 best selling products in order are their spam filter, web filter and load balancer products. Some of their other products such as the IM Filter and Mess age Archiver are newer and have been selling very well since their introduction. Barracuda networks is known in the industry for the following: Great Service, Great Product, Low Cost, East of Deployment and Maintenance and their advertising at all the airports.

Barracuda has done the best job in the industry when it comes to "turning" software specific tasks for general purpose computers into appliances. I'm surprised no one's tried to buy them, like Cisco. I guess it's because the bought Iron Port, or maybe because Barracuda products are so inexpensive that if they because Cisco products (I love Cisco Products btw) they would cost more and you would have to buy Smart net :p

I highly recommend Barracuda Products.

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