Monday, February 11, 2008

Time Synchrnoization with VMWare Guest Operating Systems

For most applications that aren't time senstive or running RTP like applications, you may or may not notice the time difference on your servers. In this blog I will discuss specifically the issues I have had with running Guest Virtual Machines inside VMWare with Windows and Linux.

The blog specifically talks about Linux Guest Operating Systems inside VMware and the importance of time synchronization. I am running some test asterisk and trixbox machines inside vmware, and since the RTP and VOIP protocols are time sensitive, it is extremely important that the clocks and times are synchronized properly. If not, you will get garbled voice conversations or improper timestamps for your call log. The problem in VMWare is pretty bad with time delay, so you need to configure some Grub start up parameters as well as configure vmware tools to properly not use the time sync feature with the host operating system.

Some good articles describing in detail how to rectify the problem in VMWare.

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