Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Mac Madness Continues...

After using the Mac Mini all day, I must truly say that once you go Mac, it is very difficult to go back - TO ANYTHING ELSE! One product that really shines is VMWare Fusion. The concept of virtualization was never new to me, however, the "Unity" button is definitely new to me. I don't even think this feature exists on the Windows or Linux versions of VMware.

Essentially, it allows you to run the application that is inside the virtual machine to appear like it is actually part of the Mac machine. This is crazy for me because that means I can use tools like Visual Studio without being limited to it running inside a remote desktop window. THIS IS AMAZING!

The madness will surely continue for the next few days, if not weeks, I am definitely getting a workstation at this point!

Here are some pictures to wet your appetite on what VMware Fusion can do.


Anonymous said...

unity mode came after parallels coherence mode.. which if you ask me is a lot more smooth... better usb support too

Harry Yeh said...

Hey Jeremy

The Fusion feature is still buggy compared to Coherence, especially if you are using the Spaces feature (screens bounce back and forth).

Coherence also supports multiple displays but Unity does not yet, but I am sure after a few Revs Fusion will give Coherence a run for it's money.

I use both but for different purposes.

Harry Yeh said...

Here is the release notes on Fusion FYI.