Monday, March 24, 2008

The Macbook Air - Don't believe the Bad Reviews it kicks ass!

So in tradition with continuing the Mac Madness this week, I convince my parents on Easter Sunday to head over to Best Buy with me to look at the new Macbook Pros. You need to realize, my parents haven't been in an electronics store let alone a best buy probably for the last 5 years (I go at least once a week :p) so the first thing they were amazed with was how many flat screen televisions were on display and how inexpensive they were.

Of course, we weren't at Best Buy to look the the televisions (although they were interested in the 50" Plasmas) we were there to look at the Macbook Air. Despite the negative publicity and buzz around the Macbook Air being too light, too niche or too slow for a Mac, all of these points are irrelevant because the Macbook was designed for a very special niche - either a secondary notebook, for people who like to travel light, or the executive who likes the lightest notebook - the latter being my mother.

So of course after she saw how light the notebook was and having to leave town in a few days, she said to me "I want that" after we walked out of the store. Of course with my luck, Best Buy didn't have it in stock - fortunately Future Shop next door did and I bolted over there to pick one up.

After using it for the last few hours, I must say I wouldn't mind having this as a secondary notebook but since I am a hardcore power user, this notebook definitely would only serve the purpose of email, word processing, chat and communications - which is what most executives do any way.

The battery life is great, over 5 hours, the keyboard works very well, and I love the Multi Touch track pad. I also recommend the bluetooth wireless mighty mouse for the notebook since long periods of usage with the trackpad can get tiring . A couple of things I do need to buy for it include the time capsule, so we have 802.11n and also the usb Ethernet adapter since it doesn't have a built in ethernet port.

All in all, I would have to say the Macbook Air kicks ass (the magnetic power cord was genius and so is the backlit keyboard.) and I would recommend it to anyone who cares about style, weight and usability. I would only recommend this as a secondary notebook though for power users.

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