Friday, March 28, 2008

More Mac Madness - Converting a PC User to a Mac in 1 Hour or Less - Guaranteed!

So after officially using the Mac for one week, every time I go back to my PC I get this wierd feeling in my stomach, almost like I am going back to an older system. Of course, the biggest piece is just because I am so used to the OS X interface that it's difficult to go back to just using Windows.

I love Windows, I just happen to love it on Mac much more than on a PC!

That being said, aside from the Macbook Air story that I have with my mom jumping on the bandwagon, apparently other folks in the family have been bit by it as well!

So the night before I am off to San Francisco at around 1AM I am having this discussion with my brother. Like most "Pre Mac" users, he was telling me how much he loved his PC. I specifically said to him "I bet you I will have you getting a Mac within the next month!".

Of course his response was "Macs are too expensive, I like my PC better. I DON'T NEED A Mac!". So of course he had seen my Mom's Mac book Air, but the kicker part was when I showed him Parallels and the Mac Mini + Spaces. After the next hour, he says to me "Hmm, I am due for a new Laptop and My wife's birthday is coming up (end of May yeah right), I'll take 2 Macbook Airs, can you order them?". So I ask when? He replies "Right now? ehheh".

So next thing you know, we are scouring the price engines to get the best price for the Mac book Airs. We end up at PC Connection for $1,750 USD each, no taxes and free shipping!

Here are the specs on the Macbook Air:

MacBook Air 13" 1.6Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB RAM 80GB iSight
Apple Computer

So clearly I was wrong, it didn't take a month to convert a PC User to a Mac, it only takes 1 hour!

I will most likely get one for myself and my wife, since the Macbook Air draws such a crowd and attention, I will probably become an Apple Salesman...

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