Monday, January 05, 2009

Unlocked iPhone - Some issues and SIAX and SIPHON - IP Telephony on the iPhone

So after 1 or 2 days of using the iPhone I am impressed with the unlocked software. I had a couple of issues when the phone ran out of battery and I had to reset the phone. Upon reset, the phone was locked again and this happened two times.

What I did was the following:

Turn off 3G
Reset the Network Settings
Open Mobile Terminal and type the following:
yellowsn0w -c
yellowsn0w -r
yellowsn0w -q

Then when I see the No Service,  I turn airplane mode on and off and sometimes the signal comes back but sometimes it doesn't. A little bit flaky, but for the last day or so it has been ok.

I just updated to .96 of YellowSn0w hopefully this fixes the problems, from what I have seen most of the annoyances have been fixed so I recommend this update.

Another app to watch is the iCall, apparently this is one of the VOIP applications that are official but still haven't been released because of Apple's approval of the application to the App Store. Hopefully they get it because from the press releases, it sounds like they spent upwards of 500K to develop the product.

In the meantime, I have been using SIPHON. I also recommend downloading a program from Cydia called backgrounder, this allows you to run SIPHON in the background so you can switch between apps and still receive calls. There are some bugs with SIPHON and backgrounder but what do you expect, they are free.

Anyhow, I have been using the iPhone as a cordless VOIP phone for the last few days and I am really enjoying it! 

I have also successfully used SIAX over the wan, so I have made VOIP calls through 3G. However after doing some math, it really only makes sense to do so once the data plans go past the 2GB point. Unless my math is wrong, you get about 250 minutes of talk time on 1GB at G711 (64K) and around 500 minutes of talk time on 2GB. Also the quality still needs a lot of work and the connection is somewhat flakey. If you could somehow get G729 working then you would get quite a bit of performance but that requires you to purchase G729 codec on the asterisk box. I haven't tested this yet and also the SIAX and SIPHON phones yet. Also GSM is another option to look at.

Finally, I still haven't figured out the Cisco VPN portion. Really the only reason would be to do remote administration through RDP and SSH. It was pretty entertaining, I rebooted a server through ssh in mobileterminal and was able to watch the asterisk box from the iPhone, definitely useful when travelling.

The iPhone is the administrator's portable work anywhere computer. If you really want to wow people you can administer simple tasks through the iPhone. This phone does everything I wanted the blackberry 3 years ago so too bad for the blackberry, because iPhone is the new standard for smartphones. (Not to mention the storm doesn't even have wi-fi, big mistake on RIM's part.)

Update: as of version .96, you don't have to run the YellowSn0w commands anymore.


Mark said...

Amazing stuff Harry. I read your blog with fascination and admiration. All the best to you for 2009.

Harry Yeh said...

Thanks Mark, kind comments are always welcome, more importantly, great feedback makes the author want to continue writing more. Hope some of the information on the site proves useful for you as it has for me. One of the reasons I keep a blog is because the technology changes so fast and it's nice to share your unique experiences and knowledge with the world. At the same time, I am able to look back on all the things I have done with technology since you tend to forget them over time.

FlashFaint said...

Thanks for the article.