Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Google Chrome - Google's new browser

Since the advent of Google Apps which includes the Spreadsheets, word processing and Email access to these applications have only been available through Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox. It's ironic since only four years back, the browser wars were officially over when Microsoft killed Netscape with Internet explorer. Netscape's code through Mozilla became Firefox. It seems that history truly does repeat it self because now not only does Microsoft compete with IE, they compete with Safari, Firefox and now Google Chrome. The competition now is definitely more fierce than ever since Google is the biggest competitor to Microsoft in every way. From search to productivity and now the browser.

Google Chrome is in every way better faster and more lean than Internet Explorer. Just install it and you will see how much faster it loads pages than IE. I believe in the 6 months that Chrome has been out, everyone that has used it has pretty much done away with IE except for sites that actually require IE. 

Chrome is by far the fastest browser on the market. I can't wait till it come out on Mac. On the windows platform, I actually use Chrome about 90% of the time and IE only 10% of the time and it works the best with Gmail and Google Apps, which is what we use now. I am happy to say we have officially tossed our Exchange Server. I have a post about that later as well, no longer is Email a headache for our organization. (Try having 1 terabyte of email on Exchange and backing that up.)

I highly recommend Google Chrome as the browser of choice on Windows and with the advent of Gears which is very exciting, you can expect Chrome to be at the centerpiece of your web application experience.

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