Sunday, February 22, 2009

Street Fighter IV Released!

Probably one of the only games I really place next to Grand Theft Auto, Street Fighter was definitely the game I played the most in high school and university. That being said, I had no idea that this week, Street Fighter IV was out and all my friends from high school and university went out in mass to buy this game. Unbelievably it was sold out every where in the lower mainland. Fortunately I had to make my way down to the US on the weekend, and I guess Street Fighter isn't as big in Bellingham so I lucked out and picked up a few copies.

My review of the game is an A. The graphics and gameplay are vastly improved, the version I purchased was the PS3 version. The great thing about the Street Fighter series is that they are different in terms of graphics and console, but the moves and gameplay are very similar if not the same as the original with the addition of new moves. That being said, if you were good at Street Fighter before, you will be good at this version, however there is the multiplayer online, which I will definitely try out at some point. Shoryuken!

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