Sunday, January 17, 2010

Windows 7 - Microsoft Redeemed welcome back!

I've been meaning to write this post for about 6 months going through my old Blog Topics I see this is one I haven't written about.

So the great thing I can say about Windows 7, is that it's not Windows Vista or Windows XP. I have been using the OS for close to a year now since the Beta and have been very happy with it.

It is definitely more stable than Vista or XP, and performance wise it is definitely 100x better. Mind you, I have been running 64bit for the last 5 years and as a developer, it was extremely frustrating because I went from Windows XP 32 bit to Windows XP 64Bit to Windows Vista 64Bit - BACK to Windows XP 32 bit.

The main reason? Drivers and compatibility of applications. It was during this time I bought my first Mac (2008) and since then, I have only been running XP in a virtual machine environment. Needless to say, I started working on more open source projects at this time, and it really wasn't till early 2009 that I started looking at Windows 7. (We even ditched our Microsoft Gold Partner status because Vista was so bad and things weren't looking that great).

A few factors with Vista that were extremely frustrating, the user interface and that f**cken UAC pop up drive you crazy. Also there was there was the issue where you Vista and the pre-fetch would peg your CPU - at the time I had the fastest computer and it still ran slow.

However, Windows 7 has really saved Microsoft I believe, because now everything I want my computer to do I can do. I am almost tempted (but I probably won't) to turn my Mac Pro into a Windows 7 machine. Also the processors and equipment are also much faster now so I am sure it helps, I haven't tried running Windows 7 on anything that slow but I would be curious to see if it does run well on older equipment.

Windows 7 was so good in fact I got my first Dell R5400 Rack mount workstation with PC over IP (which I use everyday and using to write this post - PC over IP rocks! Check out Teradici and EVGA that sells their product). My workstation is a Dual Quad Xeon 5405 2.0 GHz with 16 Gigs of Ram and it is very delightful to program and develop on this. Can't wait to test out my Teraflop GPU from Nvidia, the Tesla C1060. We will be using this to do computational intensive operations. (Tip btw, you can't remote desktop to windows and use the Telsa the drivers don't load WTF!! - Used Ultra Vnc to get around this, you can't RDP)

So in closing, thank you Microsoft, for bringing Windows 7 to us, it's a success. I have sold more PC's running Windows 7 in the last 4 months than we have the last 3 years!

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boyshort said...

Great post! I agree good to see that Microsoft is back!

Mike Wong

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