Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Must haves for any Computer User - Dropbox and Xobni

So it's been a while since I have blogged, I will definitely be doing it more this year, but I've been using twitter quite a bit so i've kind of neglected my tech blog. SORRY!

So some new additions to my arsenal of must haves. Very rarely do I come across software that is like "crackware" which means once you use it, you gotta have it.

The two software pieces I am talking about are Dropbox and Xobni. Coincidentally, both the founders are MIT guys, and conicidentally they are good friends and coincidentally both of their products kick ass. I mean REALLY kick ass. And of course coincidentally or not both of these guys are super smart so they have great backing from some of the best VC firms in Silicon Valley.

So first let's talk about Dropbox www.dropbox.com

This application allows you to synchronize all your files on different platforms. Mac, Linux, iPhone, Windows etc. What I couldn't believe was how quickly I got attach 2 ed to this service, never in my life have I ever used a product that made our company more efficient than every before. This product is like a "mapped network drive" for you and anyone else! Completely changed the way we do business, and yes we recommend this to everyone!

Also, you get 2 Gigs free to try and if you upgrade for $200 / year, you get 100 Gigs of transfer + another $39.00 for the "rat pack" gives you version control, which means if you overwrote a file, you can get the previous one back! Great for backups too, we use this is a whole range of scenarios, from document management, developer file sharing etc.

The problem is I can't buy enough space! But I am sure this is coming!

Xobni - Inbox Spelled backwards www.xobni.com

I ditched Outlook for 2 years (YAY!) since I switched to Google Apps. I considered using Outlook after Google Apps Outlook Sync came into the picture, and I really started using it again with Xobni since I can actually find my shit now in Outlook. The best search for your email, period. Great Analytics too which we use to view our customer service information as well I get to see all the relationships on my social networks and how they are related to email!

Free to install but you will want to upgrade to the full functionality. Worth the $30.00 and there is a enterprise version which works great!

So my first post of this year, download this stuff and use it!

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