Harry Yeh

Managing Partner & Founder
Quantum Fintech Group

Harry Yeh is the Managing Director of Quantum Fintech Group (QFG). QFG is an investment management company focused on providing superior returns for its clients and partners in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset space.

While operating Quantum Fintech Group, Harry Yeh founded and was a seed investor in LIF3 and L3 Reserve. LIF3 is a Layer-1, permissioned blockchain and DeFi ecosystem, and L3 Reserve is the issuer of L3USD, the first Variable Collateralized Stable Asset (VCS). As a fund manager, the funds and AUM managed by Harry, QFG and his partners exceeded $2B USD.

As a former CTO and Co-Founder for several startups, Harry Yeh additionally has an engineering background and over 25 years of experience in Technology and Business - this has contributed to his success as a renowned Web3 advisor and serial entrepreneur who has managed and developed technology solutions for organizations between $5 to 200 Million in revenue and worked at Fortune 50, 100, 500 companies, Hedge funds, Internet Startups and dotcoms. Harry further has years of experience trading stocks, options and currencies.